Web Tracking


The vehicle positions updates can be flexibility carried out automatically at regular intervals or by the occurrence of specific events set by the administrator from the browser-based application. The traffic controller shall be able via a web interface poll and identify each vehicle position on their personal computer screen.

All incoming and outgoing tracking activities via the PC station are recorded to facilitate the creation of a geographical information assisted reports which details multiple or single vehicle live tracked position. The system also allows play back of vehicle routes from the historical data which were stored and archived in the centralized database.

Utilizing Geo-Boundary concept, the system allows customer to search via street name and address points for a particular location and manually geo-bound site on the digital map in accordance to its monitoring parameters like postal codes/address points, the defined routes, violation time windows etc. to facilitate automatic milestones updates, ensuring vehicles stay and travel within boundary at the right time and right place.

The following screens show how the vehicle has been track under I-TRAX Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System:

MAP View with left and south panel